Hey Rogue News Nation,

It’s your man Hobo Sermons with a quick Man-On-The-Street from Korat, Thailand. These

aren’t cold hard facts. They’re opinions and observations based on occurrences and occasions.

The US Army is here for training exercises. Air Force and Marines come in a week or so for Cobra Gold, a long-standing joint military

exercise between Thailand and the US. Interesting fact - US/Thailand diplomatic relations have

been continuous since 1833. Talking to some US Army guys I met at a bar recently, I learned that “The Republic of China”

was also a partner in their exercises. Oddly enough, all of the Republic of China’s soldiers came

from Taiwan or Hong Kong.

....I imagine someone paid a fancy price for the authorization of that.

When talking to them, many of the US soldiers said they thought Thailand was nicer than back

home. ‘Chiller, friendlier, funner’. Someone even said ‘cleaner’. Also, this year more of the soldiers seemed keen to talk to me and were excited when learning I was from the US. In the past, locals and “Ta Han” would always be courteous to each other, but

at the same time, maintained a strict degree of distance. So this encounter was a bit new to me. Not to mention, I was 15 years or older than most of them. Still, I took what they said to be honest and earnest.

Many guys scoffed at the Coof and Jab. Most derided the current WH occupant. None seemed

to even hint at the notion of an actual kinetic conflict. I had already assumed the latter as much,

but was pleased to hear it all the same.

On a second evening...

I met an American civilian from California. He was here looking at RE properties. He talked a lot

about Cali Weed.

I mean, a lot.

So, of course, we shared a session. Except, he didn't have anything from Cali, only Thai-grown.

Stuff turned me tarded, and I know it did him too. But, he kept talking his Cali nonsense.

And, it is, nonsense.

Dudes I know from the UK, US, and EUR have come here and said the stuff in Thailand is

better than at home or Cali, and even, in Amsterdam. In less than a year, the ganja business

has exploded. Mainly in the form of small businesses with young co-owners. New entertainment

venues are opening and young people are having a ball.

Back to the guy from Cali...

During our conversation he said China tells Thailand what to do. I laughed at him. Not polite, but

I was tarded remember? Don’t know if I made him upset or anything, but I remember telling him

something I’ve told other people.

“China’s been trying to tell 1 billion folks what to do for a while now. You really think they want to

make it 1.1 billion?”