BG is the worst

Bill Gates Glows in the Dark:  The world’s elites always seem to know what to invest in and when. Even better when you have a lock via patents or similar on a particular technology.  

The last few years we have had news stories about problems in Germany via power production and since Germany shut down the last of their nuclear power plants.  ☢️

Those concerns are shared across Europe including France who once had a very viable nuclear industry.  At the other end of the ledger, we have recent interviews by none other than Oliver Stone on Joe Rogan discussing Stone’s documentary about nuclear power.  Namely, he’s a huge supporter of it and his documentary covers the many ways in which support for nuclear power has been stopped at every turn.  LINK HERE

If we consider the book Conspirators Hierarchy by John Coleman who covers the Committee of 300 and related globalist groups, he covers extensively in his book how the globalist community has opposed nuclear power at every opportunity.  For powerful individuals focused on a global economy whose profit driver is scarcity the last thing you want is relatively free power.  My God next people will want elections to accomplish something.  

So, what’s old Bill been up to.  Well, the usual.  

In a place called Kemmerer Wyoming he’s been supporting the building of what is described as the most advanced nuclear facility in the world.  I will also point out if we remove Bill from this topic there has been considerable development in the nuclear power world in the last 10 years.  Several reports were published in 2023 and early 2024 about advancements in nuclear fusion.  A controlled sustainment of temperatures hotter than the sun during those reactions.  Bill Gates owns a company called TerraPower who is rolling out an advanced power plant called a Natrium by 2030.  If you recall that year is critical to our globalist friends.  Mr. Gates says we need these new nuclear power plants to combat…say it with me…global warming.  

Bill is receiving funding from a bipartisan infrastructure bill who included a special provision called the advanced reactor demonstration program or ARDP. The Department of Energy funding commits $2 billion dollars over 5 years to this new nuclear energy plant.  

Some of the advantages of the approach being used by TerraPower are both cooling through liquid sodium instead of water and use of high assay low enriched uranium to power it.  It goes without saying Bill’s company and its approach is proprietary and he wants to be able to sell it to other countries once they perfect it.  By the way we also have news in late 2023 around 20 billionaires (and $60 billion of their wealth) left Northern California and moved to that area of Wyoming.  Nothing to see here folks…nothing to see.    

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