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Participants discussed unexpected snowfall, holiday trash pickup confusion, and a ban from YouTube for alleged misinformation. Upcoming travel plans were mentioned, potentially coinciding with significant events. Japan congratulated for lunar landing. A Boeing 747 caught fire, raising concerns about aircraft safety. Delay by FBI in releasing Seth Rich's computer data noted. Discussion on a large escort demand at Davos and potential for blackmail. A rumor about Lloyd Austin's death in Ukraine was mentioned. Concerns over competent leadership and recruitment challenges in the U.S. military were raised. The London Corporation's influence and history were explained. There were issues raised about car data privacy, the sale of used Teslas, and the rental car industry's challenges with EV adoption. The meeting ended with a comprehensive discussion on the Climate Change Committee's (CCC) plans for the UK's drastic reduction in fossil fuel use by 2050 and the potential for societal and economic implications.

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Jan 24, 2024


Key moments:


Snow, FBI, Newsom, Military, London Corporation, Data Collection


• Discussion about unexpected snow and holiday trash pickup - [0:54]


• FBI's delay in turning over data from Seth's computer - [4:51]


• Rumor about Gavin Newsom's shadow presidential campaign - [9:13]


• Multiple military personnel relieved of command in US military branches - [11:04]


• Request for overview of the London Corporation - [13:09]


• London Corporation controls global finance - [13:33]


• London Corporation has immense control over global media - [15:02]


Global Impact, Solar Eclipse, Emissions Goal, Aviation


• Cars are equipped to capture and analyze personal data - [19:10]


• US government directive to rental firms for electric vehicles - [26:00]


• Warning about potential contamination in disaster relief food - [27:16]


• Discussion about the spiritual war and World War III - [28:51]


• Explanation of the correlation between astrology and world religions - [32:36]


• Revelation about the elite's belief system and lies - [36:10]


• Upcoming significant solar eclipse and its potential impact - [38:43]


• Discussion about the net zero emissions goal and its impact - [40:06]


• By 2050, no flying or shipping allowed. - [41:36]


Program Management, Airline Safety, Synthetic Fuel, Global Planning


• Need skilled program managers to execute plans. - [49:45]


• Concerns about airline safety and pilot qualifications. - [51:40]


• Questioning the feasibility of electric planes and synthetic fuel. - [53:15]


• Expressing disbelief and frustration at the proposed plan - [55:18]


• Highlighting the completion of the reports and the thorough planning - [1:02:21]


• Expressing concern about the public losing faith - [1:05:34]


• Drawing a comparison to a movie plot to describe the global situation - [1:06:36]


Ethical Practices and Shot Choices


• Suggesting the only winning move is not to play - [1:08:54]


• Doctors who advised ethically saw their practices flourish. - [1:09:47]


Vigilance and Encouragement


• Government officials claiming choice in taking the shot. - [1:09:57]


• Encouragement to stay vigilant and educate ourselves. - [1:10:26]


• Quote about daring mighty things and victory or defeat. - [1:11:29]